Thursday, 21 November 2013

It's still 2013

Dear reader,

If you’ve stumbled upon this blog you’ve either got too much time or you’re bored with everything else ever written.  I’m terribly crap at keeping a diary, I’ve tried it once or twice with the result being 6 pages at most used and then forgotten somewhere in the pit that is my house. I know that its still 2013 but it's the arse end of the year and I like to make lists.

I thought perhaps a blog of the adventures might be the way to go, the adventures are the 10 things on the list for 2014, I will have adventures in between and with other things but those 10 things I’d like to cross off the list throughout the year.

A little background on your fearless writer: 5 ft. 3inches and a bit (trust me when you’re my height the bit counts!), blue eyes, brown hair which is currently rather dark and healthy and shiny (not exactly a Pantene ad but still good enough that other people wish they had my hair), attractive enough that I don’t consider myself ugly or a beauty queen.
I’m not a coward but cockroaches scare the crap out of me and I’m not a fan of most things that can fly unless they're way up in the sky miles away from me. I love to travel and when I go places if there’s something that they're famous for you bet your arse I’m gonna go be a tourist and see it, but at the same time wondering around without a map or a plan is fun as well.

My mum once said that we’re Australians made overseas, I have a degree that I don’t use but I am employed full time, family is pretty small and I like that because the family I’ve picked for myself which most people would say are friends is large and eclectic.

Single and fine with it, if that change woohoo if not at least I have the list and the family to keep me entertained.

So if you’re still reading then I suggest that you check back every so often to see if something has been crossed off the list or some other harrowing adventure has happened.
Caroline in the real world.